Diaph8 member

Diaph8 member


Florence Cardenti, born in 1971 in Lyon, France, fist obtained a degree in Graphic Arts. She then worked as a computer graphics artist before dedicating herself exclusively to photography. With five other photographers she created Studio Dazzle in Paris, a workshop, photography studio, and a place for artistic exchanges.

After a Master in Graphic Arts, Photography and Contemporary Art from the University of Paris in 2016, she continues her exploration of hybrid creations, integrating historical techniques. Her photography aims at gathering traces of presence in the world, whether natural or left by man, in order to build intimate, family or collective memories. Self-portraits, urban landscapes, installations or varied collections, her images generate experiences to be lived by means of a sensitive and intuitive approach to the world. Florence Cardenti plays with multiples, blurs representations and mixes spaces and temporalities to reveal links between dissimilarities, to show the points of contact where the work becomes another means to think about the world.

Art Trope artist

Art Trope artist


November 2018 . Winner of Mois de la Photo de Grenoble avec “Eléments”, Group exhibition from la Maison de l’Image of Grenoble. Ancien musée de la peinture, Grenoble.

Octobre 2018. “BLURRED”, With Sophie Cuffia and Rachael Woodson. Exhibition at the Openbach gallery, Paris 13.

6 october 2018. “Un Mur D’Images”, with the Diaph8 collective for the Nuit Blanche of Paris.

May 2018. A-N-D, at Espace d'art ALMA, Paris 5th. Group exhibition with the collective Diaph8, Curator of LE NOYAU and Daniela Zuniga.

Avril 2018. Symposium du CIRBE  "Art de l'image, Automédialité, fabrique de soi". Group exhibition, at la Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris Nord and at the University Paris 13.

2017. Coelacanthe book acquired by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France for their collection of artists' books.

March 2017. “Regarde-moi ça”, collective exhibition at Galerie Mains d’Oeuvre, Saint-Ouen with the 2016 graduating class Master of Fine Arts, Photography and Contemporary Art, Université Paris 8.

2016. “Infiniment Humain”, group exhibition with the collective Diaph8 for the 20th anniversary of La Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau, Gentilly.

2015. Photographic Festival of the 10th arrondissement, with Studio Dazzle, Paris.

2014. “Eléments” Collective exhibition at Imagineo Gallery, Paris 11 as part of Minimenta 2014.

2014. “New York #5” Collective exhibition at Art intersection, Arizona USA. Winner of the Light Sensitive contest.

2013. “Danse” Winner of the Rebondir 2013 contest, collective exhibition at Galerie IMMIX, 75010 Paris.

2013. Dazzle Project #1 : “New York” Collective exhibition for Menilmontant Open House day with Studio Dazzle.

2012. “Kyrielle” Collective exhibition “Changer de peau” at the Jean Verdier Center, Paris 75010.

2012. “Diffraction” Winner of the Rebondir 2012 contest, collective exhibition at Galerie IMMIX, 75010 Paris.



June, July, September 2017. Lead creative workshops at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain.

April 2017. Eduardo Arroyo, by Olivier Weber-Caflisch, photographs by Florence Cardenti, « Anoche tuve un sueno » #21, Madrid.

Oct 19, 2016. Eléments, le temps des révélations dans Les billets, Diaph8 website.

January, 2018. Portrait of an Art-Trope Artist : photographer Florence Cardenti.